Come with me in a journey that will help you achieve what you want while being aligned to your true self
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Jane Slack-Smith

Property Expert and Mentor
Ultimately I see life is a quest for living your true purpose, leaving an impact on the world and living a life of joy. Sadly many give up along the way, forget their quest or just don't make it.

Some believe success is about being wealthy, but it seems illusive, just out of their grasp, an illusion.

I believe being wealthy is about having the resources to be a curious adventurer, to be able to make a lasting contribution, being spiritual, connecting to a world of infinite possibilities, creating a legacy, being the best you can be and being proud of you, just as you are.

I’ve been on this adventure for years, I have studied why some people are successful and others aren't. 

Often it comes down to their relationship to money, wealth and success. The beliefs we have about ourselves, others and the world and the conditions we set up, that have to be met, before we can live the life we want.

Over the last 17 years I have worked with thousands of people in assisting them to achieve financial security, some achieve it, others don't. 

In my 2hr masterclass, 1 day workshop, 2hr Vision setting call, 4 hr Business Clarity Package and monthly mentoring I work with students and clients to reveal their beliefs and conditions and then, together with my unique business, marketing experience and skills, create a path to the life they desire. 

I am excited to be sharing all of my learnings and empowering others to live their true authentic lives.

 Come on the adventure with me, it will be real, unpolished, just as I am.
I am honoured to be one of less than 30 Accredited Natural Success Coaches globally who are helping graduates of Create Your Destiny to bring their visions to the world. 

Many of my clients are also working with coaches who are assisting them with their choices and visions of what they want to create in their lives. 

My services, below, are specifically for those who want to take one of those choices and a deep dive into creating their impact business, service or wealth choice. 
I know the benefit of having a mentor who has achieved what you want to achieve and shortcutting the time and expense of getting it wrong. I have invested in mentors over the last 15+ years as an entrepreneur and today I have the privilege of being coached by William Whitecloud for over 12 months. 

As a published author (with a book deal and advance), podcaster, online course provider, mentor, multi-million dollar property investor, owner of multiple successful companies and an advisor to many startup companies, I have unique experience, that combined with the Natural Success modality and structures, can assist people to quickly define and create the path to their vision becoming a reality.

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